Goodd Care

Goodd Group – we try to make the world a bit better

Taking care of nature, is taking care for the future. Children are the future, so taking care for them is important for us. But also the elderly, we do not forget.

We are proud to have partners like:

Kita Kunterbunt
Kita Kunterbunt is a reliable partner to protect and take care of children from the 3rd month of life to the end of primary school. With a feeling of security, affection and trust, they give children a space to feel good, to play, to paint and craft, to experiment and much more.
Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund ASB
ASB – the Workers’ Samaritan Federation – is a German aid and welfare organisation, engaged in areas such as civil protection, rescue services, and social welfare services. Care for the elderly as well as Child care and Youth welfare are of paramount importance.


We support various projects to help children, animals and the elderly. These are the most vulnerable among us and we are pleased that we can give some of them that little extra support.

We are proud to be able to support the following projects:

Stichting Semmy
Semmy Foundation’s mission is to prolong the life expectation and outcome for kids with a brainstem tumor (brainstem glioma) through scientific research. Current survival rate is practically 0%, and survival past 12 months after diagnosis is uncommon. We support various projects to help these children and support research, such as:
  • Ride for A Lifetime 
    Two fathers and fellow sufferers cycle with a delivery bike from the Netherlands to Finland for the Semmy Foundation. Just for the record: this is a 2000 km trip!
  • Semmy Auction 
    At the auction we became the proud owner of a shirt (13) from former international Dutch football player Johnny Heitinga!