About us

Food and Non-Food

Our portfolio includes several companies involved in green, organic and/or sustainable food and non-food businesses.

Living and Leisure

At Goodd Group we support all kind of non-conventional solutions and ideas for sustainable living and leisure projects. Now today living and leisure concepts with great accommodations.


Leasing is very sustainable! At Artlease we offer several lease solutions for art works.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

These days, businesses take upon themselves certain duties and responsibilities, simply by existing and operating, These are not only to their customers, their employees and their shareholders, but also to the world as a whole: to its present inhabitants, to future citizens yet unborn and to the environment as a whole.

We think that all organizations today should seek to develop principles of conservation within all levels of business activity. This message has not yet been accepted by everyone, but it is becoming harder to ignore.

Goodd Group – we try to make the world a bit better